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by:YouRun     2021-04-10
Nowadays, people's living conditions are getting better and better, and their pursuit of spirituality is getting higher and higher. Products such as plush toy customization have become the favorite of single female friends! The cute shape of plush toys, cute expressions, etc., are especially loved by girls! So how can I choose the plush toy doll that I am satisfied with? First of all, we have to position our mind and environment, that is to say what you need at present, what your ideals rely on this plush doll to do, such as holding to sleep, such as warming hands, such as decorating the room, etc. So how do we choose the quality of plush toys? 1. First touch the pure PP cotton with your hands and feel like a down jacket. It feels very soft and uniform, without any foreign or hard feeling. If you press your hands against any part of the bear, you can basically put your hands together. There will be no foreign body sensation, only uniform soft cotton. The bad ones are piece by piece, and it will feel foreign to the touch. Open the back zipper, even if you take out all the cotton inside, the pure PP cotton is the same good cotton as the zipper opening. Most of the black cotton is good cotton at the zipper opening. You can pull it up and down with your hands in several directions. It is now in its original form. It is full of scraps from the garment factory, mixed with cloth strips, thread ends, packaging ropes and nails that have been removed from the box. Because the garment factory does not need them, they are all stepped on the ground at will, so there are these It is not surprising that Dongdong will be bought every day at a price of about two yuan per catty. 2. This is also the easiest way. Ask the store directly if it’s all PP cotton. You say you will take out all the PP cotton. If it’s not all PP cotton, you have to return it, so if you sell black-hearted cotton, most Will not sell them under the pretext of being out of stock or other excuses, so that these black-hearted plush toys can be shut out before buying. This is also the simplest and most direct way!   3: It can be properly distinguished by appearance or smell!
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