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Children who like to play with plush toys are generally insecure

by:YouRun     2021-04-23

For children who have a certain sense of security, they can often get out of the anxiety of separation from their parents in time, shift their attention to new things, and integrate into group activities. Because they know that their parents will leave themselves temporarily and will come back to pick them up later, so they don’t have to feel too sad.

Second, they like to play with plush toys

In the fake monkey experiment, the researchers put a group of young monkeys in a terrarium, and then arranged a wire-wire female monkey for feeding on one side, and placed a fluffy, warm flannel female monkey on the other side.

Through one month's observation, it was found that in addition to milking, the little monkey spent most of the time with the warm flannel female monkey. This shows that both humans and animals have basic psychological needs for warmth and love. In the same way, children who lack security tend to lack love and want more warmth.

Therefore, these children prefer plush toys and various dolls, and they can satisfy their inner desire for warmth and safety by playing with plush toys. In fact, this is also a psychological compensation mechanism. The soft feeling brought by plush plush toys compensates for their lack of security in their hearts.

3. Children who like to lose their temper are often insecure

Some children like to express their emotions through crying, shouting, etc., and their emotions are compared to other children. More unstable, in fact, this is a manifestation of insecurity. When the child lacks sufficient sense of security in his heart, he hopes his family will pay more attention to themselves and care about themselves, so they will get the attention of people around them by losing their temper.

They are not able to express their emotions in a reasonable way, and it is difficult to tell their feelings, so they choose crying. Therefore, as a parent, when you find that your children often cry, do not rush to stop or deny them, and should patiently guide the children with an attitude of tolerance and understanding.

When you are willing to treat them with a tolerant attitude and communicate with them patiently, they can feel your love and build a sense of security.

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