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Children's toys which safety testing needs to be done?

by:YouRun     2020-11-12

children's toys which safety testing needs to be done? Is the toy producer and exporter in China, attaches great importance to product quality and safety of plush toys, has been closely follow the international standard and the United States, the European Union and other countries and regions related laws and regulations of the dynamic, constantly perfect our country toy product standards, and testing, certification, supervision and spot checks, such as regulatory regime, the pass of toy product quality and safety. The unqualified plush toys will harm to children's health and life safety.

toy standard of our country's execution of the current national toy safety technical specification is mandatory national standards, its mechanical and physical properties, combustion performance, can transfer the chemical elements ( Mainly includes the soluble heavy metals) All technical requirements and international standards such as ISO8124 'toy safety' regulation is completely consistent.

no matter when, the safety of toys should be the first thing to consider problems, because of the way children explore the world and adults are not the same, in addition to look to play to listen to, he will also go to smell, often put the toy in the mouth to bite bite, even banging at once. In addition, due to the sensitivity of the skin and children lack of awareness and self-protection ability is weak, in the process of playing with toys, plush toys of potentially harmful component or material by swallowing, chewing, lick, suction do serious harm to children's physical and mental health. It is reported that every year in China because of the toy safety or improper use of thousands of children's disability accidents, toy safety problem has become the focus of social attention.

at present, the toy testing standards include:

1. China's toy safety technical standard GB6675

2. The eu toy safety standards EN71

3. The U. S. toy safety standard ASTM F963, federal consumer product safety rule the CPSC, the United States consumer product safety improvement act CPSIA

4. Australian safety standards association AS/NZA ISO 8124

5. International safety standards ISO8124 and his country standard.

children's toys which safety testing needs to be done? Toy is children's favorite things, so as to entrepreneurs and producer, must put the quality improving, can't let a naive children bring misfortune, so the quality is our day! Must to the quality inspection to low!

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