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Children's toy shop to make money? How much money you need to start children's toy store

by:YouRun     2020-11-14

children's toy shop to make money? Bring big don't need a baby toys how line? Many parents have a headache, and a street child will need to buy toys, don't sell would cry all the time! As parents also have no way of things, a lot of people see the business opportunities, invest in a children's toy store, so small make up for the analysis of children's toys spot open need how many money?

children toy prospects analysis

is the world's largest toy exporter in China, so here we special toy exports to China, which products sell better. Through the analysis of customs export data we can find that: in the first half of this year, China toy export quantity of the fastest growing product is 'video game controllers and other devices,' an increase of 255. 3%. Traditional ordinary toy best selling products is building blocks, 'other buildings suite and toys' number 1 ~ 6 month exports year-on-year growth in 109. 7%. For a long time, lego toys due to 'recalled childhood memories', is the elders is happy to the children's festival gift, market demand has been more prosperous, and the enterprise needs to pay attention to is: the product last year as export prices have risen sharply decline, does not exclude the export quantity sharp growth this year is an inventory. The most ideal products export price is probably 'doll', compared with only 4 in the first half of the export quantity. Under the condition of 94%, year-on-year surge in 33 export amount. 51%, which believes that with the 'snow country' doll last year, European and American markets demand related businesses don't want to sell.

toy is a children very favorite things, market sales to a large extent the family economic income, the film and television animation works, etc. Analysts and therefore from two aspects of the world economic environment and anime consumption trend, for the future and to analyzes the toy market.

children's toy shop to make money?

a lot of young people see the development of children's toy market is good, especially as a treasure treasure mom dad's friends have a plan to want to open a shop, will be asked about how to start a children's toy shop? How much money you need to start children toy shop? For that matter, in terms of opening experience, and in the aspect of investment costs for entrepreneurs to consider.

how to start a children's toy shop? First of all, you have to choose a trusted brand replenish onr's stock, and BeiYi star toy brands emerged as the industry's brand, can bring good business for business investors. This is a children's plush toys, development, production and sales experience for many years the success of the enterprise, for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship will join it is a wise choice, can bring of great advantage for investors entrepreneurial path.

how much you need to open a children's toy store

economic aspects: current consumption areas is still the world's three big toy in the us, Europe and Japan, from the first half of 2015 the world economic environment, these three areas is gradually out of the crisis haze, economy increasingly positive is a known fact, in addition, emerging economies such as the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) toys demand will continue to rise, which will strongly promote the toy consumption, will maintain the current demand for at least years.

need to put in the store area of 50 ㎡, for example, decorate 2 modernize. Fee of 50000 yuan, business equipment 5. 20000 yuan, the first stock fee/raw materials fee of 40000 yuan, advertising and opening fee of 5000 yuan, store rent 5300 yuan a month, personnel salary of 6000 yuan, water and electricity fees of 1000 yuan, the flow/reserve 3. 380000 yuan, children's toys to join investment total cost 13. 430000 yuan, the algorithm of liquidity for ( Personnel salary + / month rent/month) * 3 months, rounded rounded and not included in the cost and investment cost for the above forecast, may is different from the actual situation, for reference only.

children's toy shop to make money? No opening experience, and want to a toy shop, how to start a children's toy shop? Choose quality guaranteed toys to replenish onr's stock, because the parents are very pay attention to the quality of toys, the toy brands is a competence of the brand, will lead investors to success. Its products are directly provided by the company, do not need to find another sales channel, the company has 50000 square meters of production base, more than a dozen production lines, can provide investors with the sufficient supply of goods, in terms of price is not expensive.

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