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Children are attachment is plush dolls 'fetish'

by:YouRun     2020-12-24
Now in the market a variety of cartoon plush toys bring different experiences, to your arms are very comfortable and relaxed, cartoon design elements that bring the fashion and the nature, give you comfortable enjoy and visual enjoyment, so plush dolls special attract children's attention and love, and even some children eat, sleep, play will hold his beloved plush dolls, many parents will worry about their children always like these plush dolls toys, and even a bit excessive dependence, such calculating do not calculate & other; Fetish & throughout; ? Today let plush toys about children obsessed with custom factory to tell you about plush dolls dolls count & other; Fetish & throughout; , actually we need to understand children attachment plush plush toys & other; Soft material attachment & throughout; Complex is ubiquitous, it is a very normal phenomenon. As children grow, the attachment bond will become weak, appear this kind of phenomenon is actually derived from the child's independence, 24 hours a day, because it is impossible for parents to accompany, the children looking for their own security, such as Angle of quilts, towels, toys, dolls, doll, plush pillow is what they selected conveniently can get. This phenomenon is also a kind of growth of the children, but also to the child intelligence of exercise, parents can don't try so hard to correct, child was growing up, parents can take time to accompany children to play, let him gradually away from reliance on the article such as plush toy doll.
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