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Can the plush toys be disinfected by exposure to the sun?

by:YouRun     2021-04-07

Perhaps in many people's minds, sunlight is the best disinfection tool, right? Taken from nature, no cost, simple and practical. Of course, we have to admit that sunlight does have a certain disinfection effect, but it is impractical to rely on sunlight to achieve a thorough disinfection effect! Take the disinfection of plush toys as an example. Sunlight alone is not enough. So how do you sterilize plush toys? Next, let's recommend a few really practical methods for everyone! Method 1: Coarse salt disinfection. Friends who have paid attention to the cleaning method of plush toys should have heard of the use of coarse salt for cleaning, right? In fact, coarse salt can not only clean plush toys, but also has a certain disinfection effect. Below, we introduce the specific method of operation: 1. Prepare a bag of coarse salt, the weight is determined according to the size of the plush toy. In addition, you also need to prepare a bag, a bag large enough to hold the plush toy. 2. Next, we need to put the coarse salt and the plush toy into the bag together, then seal it, and shake it vigorously until the coarse salt is evenly mixed into the plush toy. Of course, you can also apply the coarse salt evenly on the plush toy. This method will be more straightforward and simple. 3. After completing the above steps, we just need to wait patiently. If you look carefully at the coarse salt on the plush toy, you will find that the coarse salt has turned black, but the plush toy has become clean bit by bit. Method 2: Cleaner disinfection In addition to the disinfecting effect of coarse salt, our daily laundry detergent also has disinfecting effect. If you think coarse salt can no longer meet the disinfection requirements of plush toys, you might as well try to use a detergent. Of course, when choosing a cleaning agent, it is best to choose a mild and non-irritating cleaning agent! The specific operation method is as follows: 1. Prepare a basin of 60℃ hot water, pour in an appropriate amount of detergent, and then stir evenly to make the detergent blend into the hot water. 2. Soak the plush toy in hot water and press it with your hands to make it completely wet in the hot water. Press repeatedly to make the detergent penetrate deep into the plush toy. 3. Find a soft brush and lightly brush the surface of the plush toy to remove dust and stains from the toy. Here we need to say that if there is something removable and washable on the plush toy, we can remove it first and clean it separately. 4. After washing, prepare enough water, put the plush toy in it again, and press it with water until the water in the basin is no longer turbid and no more foam. 5. Put the plush toy in a laundry bag, put it in the washing machine for dehydration, after dehydration, hang it on the balcony to dry. The above is the recommended disinfection method for plush plush toys, and it is also the two most practical disinfection methods. Have you learned it?

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