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Can the newly bought plush toys be used directly? How to disinfect better?

by:YouRun     2021-04-08

The fruits we just bought need to be washed before they can be eaten; the clothes we just bought need to be washed before we can eat them. Of course, we also need to disinfect the newly bought plush toys before we can play with them safely. So the question is, how to disinfect the newly bought plush toys better? Now, let me share a good way for you! 1. Using sunlight to kill poisons. Sunlight can be regarded as the cheapest but most effective disinfectant. If there is enough sunlight in the season, you may choose to place the plush toys in the sunny day on a clear day. In a plentiful place, take a sunbathe directly. The strong sunlight can help us eliminate a large number of bacteria hidden in the plush plush toys! 2. Although the use of detergents to kill poison is free of charge, although the effect is good, it can be met but not desired. In some seasons, we can see the sun every day, but in some seasons, we can not see it for a month or two. Sunshine, how can we disinfect the plush plush toys when there is no sunshine? At this time, a bottle of detergent is the simplest and most direct way! Relatively speaking, cleaning agents are more troublesome than sunlight disinfection, because cleaning agents need to be used with cleaning, but although cleaning agents are troublesome, the antivirus effect is many times better than sunlight. With 60° hot water, deep mites can be eliminated; with a soft brush, the hidden dust can be cleaned; with a disinfectant, the harmful substances of the plush toy can be eliminated. Multiple disinfection, the effect is absolutely leveraged! 3. Use wet wipes for disinfection. If your plush toys are not suitable for washing, or if you feel that hand washing is too troublesome, you can also use wet wipes to wipe them. As we all know, wet wipes also have a disinfection function. We use wet wipes. To wipe the stuffed toy with a towel, and then dry the stuffed toy thoroughly, is also a good disinfection method. The above is the content that I brought to you today. I don’t know how to disinfect these three new plush toys. How would you choose?

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