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Can't choose a stuffed toy? It’s right to start from these aspects

by:YouRun     2021-04-04

When many people buy plush toys, apart from considering the appearance of the plush toys and the price-performance ratio in their hearts, they don’t seem to think that there are any additional screening factors. However, in fact, choosing plush toys is not a simple task. Just like choosing clothes, there are many factors that can be referred to when choosing plush toys, don’t you believe it? You may not have thought of the next few points! The first point: No matter how beautiful the workmanship is, the clothes are very low without fine workmanship, and the cute plush toys without fine workmanship are not worth buying! Looking at the plush toy market, among those high-priced plush toys, which one is not of fine workmanship and solid materials? Which low-cost toy is not rough in workmanship and random in materials? Therefore, when we select a plush toy, we should not only look at its appearance, but also pay more attention to its workmanship. If the toy has a lot of thread and the accessories are not stitched in place, this Don’t choose toys! The second point: In addition to looking at the feel, we also have to touch it. The so-called touch refers to the feel of a plush toy. Generally speaking, a good plush toy will not feel bad. After all, It is a toy that needs to be in close contact with children. If the touch is not good, it will definitely not be likable. In addition, the skin of a child is much more expensive than an adult, and the hand feels bad, and it is easy to harm the child. The third point: Fillings You only care whether the plush toys are soft or not, and they feel comfortable or uncomfortable. So do you pay attention to what the inner fillings of these plush toys are? Everywhere on the Internet, it is said that soft toy black heart cotton is endangering the health of children. In fact, this black heart cotton refers to the stuffing inside the toy. Therefore, when we are choosing plush toys, we also need to check the inner fillings, and we must not choose black cotton!

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