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Can soft toys be close to food and drink

by:YouRun     2021-03-20
Sitting on the sofa, holding a plush toy in his arms, holding snacks in his hands, staring at the TV, and being at ease, this is a pleasant thing. This is the most comfortable thing for young people who have been working for a day. However, who would have thought that this would seriously endanger the cleaning of plush toys. Food and beverages are a big natural enemy of plush toys. There are fats and sugars in food, which will give off various flavors. Drinks are mostly water and sugar. These are all kinds of substances that can affect the cleanliness of plush toys. Food will attract ants, cockroaches, mice, etc. These are all passing through a lot of dirty places, carrying all kinds of bacteria on the body, which can contaminate the plush toys. At the same time, the food waste itself will breed various molds. The same is true for drinks. If there are food and beverage residues on the plush toys, if they are not handled in time, bacteria will multiply and multiply fast. Long-term contact with plush toys that hide a lot of bacteria can cause skin allergies, bronchial allergies, and even asthma. This is the case for adults, not to mention children and infants who have relatively weak resistance. If the residue is only a tiny bit, you can wipe it with a paper towel or a dry cloth dipped in water, and then air dry. However, if a large area is contaminated, other methods of cleaning, water washing, and coarse salt dry cleaning are required. Finally, the plush toy would like to say that parents and parents must not let their children hold plush toys to eat. Children are more active and will be more likely to leave food residues in the plush plush toys. Counter-quality, high-end plush toy manufacturer-plush toy manufacturer, products are environmentally friendly, excellent workmanship, complete supporting facilities, advanced technology, perfect management, high quality, reasonable price, fast development, strict confidentiality, and complete after-sales. And the company has passed ICTI certification. Meet the higher-level requirements of customers and escort them. Only detailed product drawings (or samples) are needed to provide customers with one-stop service from development to after-sales. Sincerely look forward to the presence of domestic and foreign customers to guide, negotiate business and work together for a win-win situation.
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