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Can plush toys really cause rhinitis?

by:YouRun     2021-03-22

In addition to allergies, rhinitis is also a vicious label that often accompanies plush toys. So the question is, can plush plush toys really cause rhinitis? Today, let’s explain it in detail for everyone! 1. Can plush toys really cause rhinitis? In fact, the plush toy itself is not so capable. It is not the plush toy itself that really causes rhinitis, but the dust mites hidden inside the plush toy. If the family has allergic rhinitis, they will be exposed to dust. The stuffed toy of mites is easy to induce rhinitis. 2. How to avoid rhinitis caused by plush toys? A plush toy does not induce rhinitis, but the dust mites hidden on it can easily cause rhinitis. Does this mean that as long as the family has allergic rhinitis, children cannot play with plush toys? of course not! Although dust mites in plush plush toys can easily induce allergic rhinitis, we also have corresponding countermeasures to avoid this problem! As long as you pay attention to the daily maintenance of plush toys, friends with rhinitis can also have close contact with plush toys! 1. The reason why plush toys have dust mites is that their surface is covered by a large amount of fluff, which is prone to dust accumulation. Therefore, to avoid rhinitis induced by plush toys, first of all, we must ensure that the plush toys are clean enough. In daily life, we need to maintain the plush toys regularly and frequently, and use a dry and gentle tool to dust off the body. At the same time, we must ensure that the place where the plush toys are placed is clean enough. 2. In addition to the need to remove dust, we also need to place the plush toys in the sun to sterilize them regularly and use sunlight to sterilize them. 3. Humidity is also a main reason for the growth of bacteria, so when storing plush plush toys, we should also pay attention to the storage environment, the humidity should not be too high, if it is wet, you can put some desiccant. 4. In addition to daily maintenance, regular cleaning is also very important. After a period of time, we need to thoroughly clean the plush toys to completely eliminate the dust and stains hidden in the depths.

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