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Can plush toys decompress

by:YouRun     2021-04-02
Many parents will buy stuffed toys the most after their babies are born. A foreign child expert conducted a test and the results showed that putting one or two plush toys on the baby’s bed can effectively increase the baby’s sense of security and make the baby sleep more soundly. Buying plush toys for older children, such as naive plush teddy bears, cute animal dolls, etc., can bring a lot of fun to children. Putting plush toys in the house can not only decorate the house, create a warm atmosphere, effectively calm the mood and adjust the mentality. Plush toys can decompress adults and make them more sincere and friendly. The Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University in the United States conducted an experiment: a group of adult subjects were divided into two different rooms, one with various interesting plush doll, cartoon toys, etc.; the other room There is no such 'children's toys'. Experiments have shown that even if people are encouraged to 'lie to get benefits,' subjects with toys around them lie by 20% less than those in ordinary rooms. In addition, the overall behavior and way of thinking of the subjects in the toy room made people feel more kind, generous, and more willing to help others. Nowadays, the consumers of plush toys are no longer children, and gradually occupy a very important part of the adult world. Studies have also shown that touching or holding a plush toy can reduce the anxiety and fear of adults to a certain extent. When people are worried or fidgety because of something, holding the hands of the people around them can calm one's heart slowly. Although the plush toy cannot be compared with the relatives around, the effect is almost the same. Plush toy manufacturers recommend that you always have plush toys at home, especially for people who are stressed or lack self-confidence and often anxious. When you feel sad or tired, you can use plush plush toys as your buffer to ease your emotions and calm your mood. If you don’t have a plush doll, you can also find some soft items such as cushions and pillows, which can also achieve a relief effect.
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