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Can plush toys be washed in a washing machine?

by:YouRun     2021-03-21

Stuffed toys need to be cleaned regularly, preferably 1 to 2 times a month. However, you should also pay attention to the cleaning of plush plush toys. Even if they are not cleaned, they can be exposed to the sun. Ultraviolet rays can also sterilize and remove mites from plush plush toys.

However, when it comes to cleaning plush toys, some people worry about it. Why? Because some people think that cleaning plush toys is a physical task, especially after the plush toys absorb water, they will become very heavy and laborious. In addition, some people think that plush toys cannot be cleaned in the washing machine. However, washing plush toys with a washing machine can save everyone a lot of effort. This has become a problem that many people struggle with.

Next, the editor will tell you that plush toys can be cleaned in the washing machine. Unless there are individual plush toys. Of course, it also depends on whether your washing machine can fit individual extra-large toys.

Here, the editor reminds everyone to check the plush label before cleaning the plush toy and read the instructions of the plush toy carefully. In this way, you can know what to pay attention to when cleaning this plush toy. But even if there are labels, there is no way to write out all the side precautions.

So, the editor is here to expand the points that everyone should pay attention to when washing the plush toys:

1, plush toys with electronic accessories or electronic components, millions Do not use water washing or machine washing, because it will cause damage to the accessories.

2. The plush toys that are washed in the washing machine should be packed in a laundry bag in advance;

3, the parts that are easy to wear are glued in advance with adhesive paper; choose machine washing It’s best to choose soft mode, strong washing is not recommended. Strong washing can easily lead to deformation of plush toys, and strong spin-drying can also easily lead to deformation of toys;

4. Use a mild cleaning agent. Do not use destructive cleaning agents such as bleach;

5. Remember to pat the plush toy intermittently during the drying process, which will make the plush toy fluffy; it can prevent the plush toy from drying out. The stuffing inside piles up into a ball, destroying the original fluffy feel of the plush toy.

The above are the details of the machine washable plush toys provided by the editor. More relevant information will be updated one after another, thank you for reading!

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