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Can plush toys be machine washed?

by:YouRun     2021-03-25

Contemporary young people are affectionately called lazy people. They don’t need to bring a bag when they go out, because they have a machine in their hands, and they have everything; they don’t have to cook their own food, because the takeaway is already installed in the phone Platform; they don't need to wash clothes by hand, because the washing machine can easily handle the clothes or the bedding. Speaking of washing machines, today I want to talk to you about whether plush toys can be machine washed, and how should we machine wash plush toys correctly? 1. Can plush toys be machine washed? Since the question of how to correctly machine wash plush toys is derived later, it is understandable that plush toys can be machine-washed. Of course, this answer is not absolute. To be precise, some plush plush toys can be machine-washed. Yes, but some plush toys are not allowed. Before we machine wash the plush toys, we have to look at the labels on the toys. Generally speaking, there will be clear instructions on the regular plush toys. 2. How to machine wash plush toys correctly? 1. Check the label. As we said above, before washing a plush toy, we first need to check the label of the toy to make sure that the plush toy is machine washable. For example, fabrics such as wool and rayon are not machine washable. 2. Appropriate disassembly. If the plush toy is wearing clothes or has some loose things, such as buttons and other decorative objects, we also need to take off its clothes before machine washing. Remove the loose things to avoid Damage to toys during machine washing. 3. Use the laundry bag skillfully. If there is a mesh laundry bag in the home, and the size is just right, we can put the plush toy in the laundry bag, which can play a better protective effect. 4. Reshaping the stuffing After finishing cleaning, the plush toy may have some deformation. At this time, we need to reshape the stuffing by hand to change it back to its original shape, and then dry it after finishing. The above is the introduction we brought to you today about whether the plush toys can be machine-washed. So the question is, can your plush toys be machine-washed?

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