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Can only play with sound plush toys for 10 minutes?

by:YouRun     2021-04-07
Colorful toy submachine guns that integrate sound and light, plush toys that can dance and sing, screaming chickens that can scream... that can make a variety of sounds are very popular among adults and children. When purchasing toys, many parents will consider their children's preferences and the safety of the toys, but they often ignore sound as one of the risk factors. are too noisy, and long-term exposure is likely to damage the small ears of children, and even cause deafness. The plush toy manufacturer consulted a number of children’s doctors and ear doctors, and obtained this information: children come into contact with various toys in childhood, but plush toys with too much sound are likely to cause damage to their auditory system. Infants and young children’s auditory system is immature and very fragile and sensitive. If toys with too high decibels are often placed next to their ears, this will create a potential risk of hearing damage, which will only temporarily affect hearing in a short period of time and cause permanent damage in the long term. , Causing hearing loss, tinnitus, emotional tension, memory loss, inattention, slow response and other problems. In order to protect children’s hearing, my country’s latest version of the 'Toy Safety' national standard lists toy sound as a mandatory requirement. For example, the continuous sound produced by close-to-ear toys should not exceed 65 decibels, and other toys should not exceed 85 decibels. Here, the plush toy manufacturers remind parents that they must be vigilant about sound toys, try not to choose toys with alarms, short sharp, explosive, and impulsive sounds, and keep noise toys out of the door. When using toys to tease children, try to keep them as far away as possible; the sound of toys should not exceed 60 decibels, and play for up to 10 minutes at a time; try not to take children to too noisy environments, such as KTV, concerts, etc. If the child feels that there is sound in his ears, does not respond to smaller sounds, or often complains that he can’t hear others clearly, and his language ability is poor, he should consider the possibility of early auditory nerve damage, and he should go to the hospital for a hearing check as soon as possible.
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