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Baby stuffed toy is allergic

by:YouRun     2020-11-01

the baby is allergic stuffed toys, sometimes appear this kind of circumstance. Plush toy is mainly refers to use chemical fiber, cotton, short plush or pile such as raw material, through cutting, sewing and other process made toys, because most of the plush toys with filler, also known as the stuffed toys.

why plush toys will be allergic to the baby?

a lot of baby's stuffed toys after appear allergic phenomenon, largely because of plush toys filler is unqualified, the filler mainly from blanket, sofa comb down waste, commonly known as 'black heart cotton', contains a number of mites, bacteria. In addition, a lot of plush toys are 3 without the product on the market, the price is cheap, appearance looks bright, but in fact is contained all kinds of chemical composition or metal components.

baby when bite plush toys, is likely to produce diseases such as respiratory tract infection, serious still can cause bronchospasm, cough and asthma, etc. , can appear some children eczema and other skin allergic phenomenon. Parents choose and buy toys, therefore, is to choose the best word of mouth, trustworthy brand, usual do cleaning for plush toys regularly.

what kind of plush toy to the baby safe?

1。 Normal manufacturer production of plush toys, after simple qualified raw material, finished goods after disinfection and approved by the relevant departments of the production of products

2. Plush toys of good quality and should not be off buttons, and chain scarves these widgets, let baby eat it is easy to hurt the baby.

3。 Cleaning and disinfection of the plush toys regularly, we can't the baby a toy, to play too long, easy to infection and affect the health of the baby!

baby play a plush toys will be allergic, if the baby itself to have allergic rhinitis, or is suffering from asthma, stuffed toys is there much allergy problems may occur. Therefore, parents for the baby when choosing toys must know their physical condition, avoid direct make plush toys allergens.

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