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Baby educational toys affect intelligence? How should choose?

by:YouRun     2020-11-12

baby educational toys affect intelligence? Why do you say that? Because now many parents believe that children plush toys, play more, can let the baby's imagination and practice ability can get more exercise! But the reality is, intelligence toys may affect the baby instead more growth!

according to a U. S. study of preschool children education plan, according to the results of too much toys or inappropriate to the child toy will hurt their cognitive ability, because they will look at in front of so many toys, unable to concentrate on playing a. In addition to the distraction, plush toys may also be more adverse effects on the baby include: propensity and do not understand love toy. So how should choose?

baby educational toys mainly in the field of play in the process of to develop intellectual toys, generally can be classified according to the child's age or material, function.

to choose baby educational toys mainly depends on the several aspects:

1, the rules are simple not complicated

rules complex games for adults, greatly reduces the participation interest, let alone baby? No rules, such as building blocks, the blocks basic can maximum build all kinds of objects according to the child's imagination.

2, is to choose the gender characteristics is not particularly evident toys

such as bottles and plush toys to play house, not the patent of girls, boys can play with. Can learn in the future when I grow up in such games may need some tips.

3, can choose electronic educational toys

some early education robot, for example, early education card, such as the baby in the play by hearing and visual sense of touch interaction in the process of promoting thinking on growth.

in addition to the correct selection of educational toys, parents should do is to accompany, or finery, expensive toy because of the lack of parents' company will also be overshadowed.

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