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Are soft toys easy to breed mites?

by:YouRun     2021-03-30

In real life, many parents will mention the word mites when they refuse plush toys. The reason why they dislike plush toys is because they think that if plush toys are used for a long time, many mites will breed. So is this really the case? Plush toys really attract bugs? How to deal with the mites on it? Now, let’s introduce it to you in detail! 1. Is it easy to breed mites on plush plush toys? If you want to know whether plush toys are easy to breed mites, we might as well first understand the environment where mites are suitable for breeding. Generally speaking, when the temperature is 25℃ and the humidity is 75%, the activity of mites is the highest, and such environmental conditions are also The mites like most. On the other hand, plush toys, because the whole body is covered with fluff, do have a warm and moisturizing effect. Therefore, compared with other materials, plush toys do attract more mites. But to attract mites does not mean that plush toys are bad. After all, sofas and beds are very mites. 2. How to deal with mites on plush toys? Plush toys attract mites, and it is an object that will accompany children at any time, how should we deal with these hidden mites? Now, let’s introduce a coup for everyone! 1. Prepare a pot of hot water at 60℃, soak the stuffed toy in it and wash it, so that the mites and feces hidden on the toy can be washed away. 2. Of course, cleaning alone is not enough. After cleaning the plush toys, we also need to expose them to the sun and use the sun to disinfect the plush toys. It should be noted here that you must wait until the plush toy is completely dry before taking it back, otherwise, the damp environment will make the internal mites resurrect. The above is whether the plush toy is easy to breed mites and the cleaning method of the mites on the plush toy. It can be achieved with a simple two-step operation. Should your plush toys be cleaned up?

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