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Analysis about animation audience object of intelligent toys

by:YouRun     2020-11-14

about animation audience analysis of the object of intelligent toys

in recent years, China's animation industry development is rapid, cartoon intelligence plush toys market is hot. The return of the risk ', 'big Chinese flowering crabapple' and other high-quality domestic animation film success, to win the public reputation. And with the support of national policy, China's animation industry is steady development, gradually transition from immature stage to mature stage. According to the survey, China's animation market with a $80 billion gap, experts predict that China's animation derivatives industry output value will be increased to more than 100 billion yuan in a few years. On average every 10 people, there are six animation derivatives of the potential consumers. Among them, and to most common animation intelligent toys. So, what anime consumer groups of intelligent toy?

1, 80 for fixed after consumers

in the late 90 s Japanese anime into China, China's animation industry development during this period, the anime consumption after the main force of 80. At present, since 80 to enter society, but for the love of anime only grow, become a fixed customer base of animation industry. Statistics show, love watching anime online population at 25 - Between the ages of 30 and accounted for 43. 92%. Survey data show that anime genuine hands do purchase rate after the highest is 80, accounting for 47% of the total. After more than ninety percent of the 80 will buy high quality genuine hands do, the real hand while the production cost is not high, but because of its own anime cultural value, the original hand do price is in one hundred yuan of above, the profit space is huge.

2, 90, after the rise of consumption

with the advent of the era of network, through the Internet to provide convenient conditions, after 90 more convenient contact with two dimensional animation culture. Consumption characteristic is: after 90 has more idle cash, chasing fashion, tide, the secondary yuan culture with unique insights and aesthetic way. In 2016, our country secondary yuan user scale up to 2. 700 million people, including the core user focused on the 19th - secondary yuan 24 years old, and have as high as 58. A 9% share, while the number of people buy anime intelligent toy is much higher than 2. 700 million. After 90 s gradually become the main force of anime consumption of intelligent toys.

3, potential consumers

cartoon toys industry has huge potential consumers. After 00 now contact cartoon culture, with the domestic cartoon 'pleasant goat and Wolffy', 'super fly xia', 'bacon bear' and so on animation hit, domestic animation film constantly refresh. After 00 for anime also have their own aesthetic degree, although accept cartoon channels of a single, but directly to control the a desire of animation derivative products in the family's spending. As the domestic high quality anime launched, two-child policy open forecast in the next 5 - 8 years again baby boom, experts predict the future number of newborns will be between $1780 a year - Total population of 19. 5 million people, the children remain at 2. 2 - 2. Between 500 million, these new audience raised on anime culture, will be the most loyal consumer groups anime intelligent toys.

that's small make up analysis of animation derivative audience object of intelligent toys. Today, there are also many toy companies are to make a strategic adjustment on this phenomenon, such as guangdong toy co. , LTD. , for anime consumer younger this trend, the height development produce attract young cartoon intelligence toys, cling to the consumer market. New 'pleasant goat and Wolffy', 'super fly xia', 'bacon bear' series intelligent electric toy functional diversity, can satisfy the need of different age groups of children.

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