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A simple introduction about plush dolls to customize

by:YouRun     2021-01-02
Plush dolls customized enterprise more and more, this custom is largely meet the needs of the modern people to the quality and character, custom made real personal consumption, according to people predict, custom types of industry will become the most influential Internet sales model. Merchants generally accepted as a result, many plush toys plush plush toys custom-made orders, as an important source of daily income. Now in addition to toys custom, some pillow manufacturer also launched a customized service. Pillow has been in its warm transfer effect and the comfortable visual experience on colour, plus cloth touch and feel comfortable. People come into contact with the similar where would create the feeling of the warm and tender in cotton and linen fabric. When selecting people can undertake choosing according to his be fond of. With custom pillow, buyers can use like the style to decorate household, or show your own personality. Can change the shape of a pillow, or to hold pillow face to join embroidery tassels small pendant, and so on. Buyers, of course, can also buy the DIY materials themselves. Bought a toy will generate questions about plush toys how to wash. Actually it looks as if it isn't suitable for cleaning, some large toy way or are simple. Such as the dirty toy in a plastic bag, then put into the right amount of salt, followed by sealing for hard shake, about a few minutes in the past, toys can be generally clean. In fact, this way is not a proper cleaning, but with the nature of the adsorption dirt, it is the use of sodium chloride on the adsorption effect of dirt, and even the role of sterilization. Use this approach can be very fast and quickly wash their dirty Rag Doll.
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