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A good plush toys can not be lack of production process

by:YouRun     2021-01-10
Any gift appeared in the perspective of people have a professional production process, plush toys production is not exceptional also, want to have a nice and high quality plush toy doll, in addition to a good image design, production process also cannot careless, let's look at plush toys, plush doll made of complete process is? Process for roughly: look at the pictures or samples - - - - - - - Design - - - Proofing - - - Confirmed - - - - - - - - - - - - - Typography - - - - - - - - - - - - - Cutting - - - Sewing - - - Binding eye nose - - - Blunt cotton - - - Binding model - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Arrange modification - - - Molding - - Needle - - - - - - - - Packaging specific process is as follows: 1, the first by phone or E-mail contact with plush toy factory, provide photos to toy manufacturers, can to make sure production, sure you can do according to customers' requirement for the material under the condition of quotation draft 2, toy factory, design personnel according to the design of the sample piece, typesetting, calculate each product made of wool material consumption and sample 3, after the sample made by the client after confirm OK is in order to make big goods. 4, plush plush toys manufacturers according to the sample submitted by the design department, die making blanking workshop, and blanking 5, material arrived, should pass inspection, cutting, With a punch or hands) 6, Turner computer sewing, the main task is the main suture, woven lable, sewing accessories, production process sampling empty after sewing leather after filling PP cotton shape, posture, operator is not in conformity with the approved sample 7, install the nose, eyes, joints, fittings, such as some plush toys are the embroidery craft, finish the 8 before sewing, filling filling material, use compressed air to the specific weight of PP cotton into the doll, manual suture cotton filling mouth, plastic, blow high pressure air pump to the products, to blow away the adhesion of flocculant MAO 10, play tag, cut the thrum of the exposed at the same time, the cut length, especially the plush doll eyes and nose mouth part 11, inspection, testing needle 12, according to the customer designated packaging requirements for packaging in advance
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