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5 ways to select high-quality plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-05-03
Nowadays, the market for plush plush toys is dazzling, the prices are also uneven, and the quality is also uneven. But for children, play is second and safety is the most important. How should parents identify the pros and cons of plush toys? Today, the plush toy manufacturers will teach you five methods for you to learn how to distinguish the quality of plush toys: 1. Check whether the appearance is fine and the shape is beautiful and cute. Regular manufacturers will spend a lot of thought on the design of the model of plush plush toys, while small workshops will only imitate other people's shapes, often use poor materials, and the quality of workmanship is rough. The plush toys made are horrible and ugly. . Therefore, you will find in the toy wholesale market that the price ranges from 10 yuan to 50 yuan in the same store, the same style, and the same size. Because using better materials, handling more details, and making the work finer, more manpower and material resources are required. 2. Whether it feels good and how to choose the material. Good plush toys are mostly made of super soft fabrics with firm texture, denser fleece, and the texture of the flannel underneath is not visible. The hand feels very soft and comfortable. You can put it on your face and feel the soft feeling, but the price is cheap. The short-haired fabric has sparse fleece, you can see the flannel, and it feels a bit piercing when you put it on your face. Third, look at how the filler is. Good stuffed toys use pure white PP cotton. If it collapses during transportation, it is easy to recover. Press by hand, very flexible. Poor plush toys use black cotton or PP cotton with a smaller amount, and the filling amount is only half of the good plush toys. If you press it with your hand, the elasticity is much worse. Fourth, look at the price. Look at the price. You don't want to buy expensive things, but you can't buy cheap ones with inferior quality. Usually the more expensive ones must be better than the cheaper ones. Poor quality plush toys are easy to get dirty, breed bacteria and affect health. Especially children, who like to bite with their mouths, they are easy to get dirty and hair loss, so they are not suitable for children to play
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