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4 - What is 6 years old children's educational toys?

by:YouRun     2020-11-15

4 - 6 years old children what educational toys for play? Buy right, really is good for children's educational toys is a common wish of every parent. Four to six years old is in the physical and mental development of high-speed period, children can jump, can run at this time is a very active period, is also the most lovely children, educational toys not only conforms to the nature of children love to play, but also can combine the role of the development of children intelligence, toy manufacturers to share today: 4 - What is 6 years old children's educational toys?

for 4 ~ 6 years old baby children's educational plush toys can generally be divided into four categories:

1. Sports: can improve baby's physical fitness, developing small muscle system, improve the coordination of various actions, accuracy and flexibility of toys, such as: ball, football, basketball, rope skipping, children's bicycle, sandbags, etc.

2。 Skills: help children knowledge rich experience and cultivate a variety of skills, develop children's intelligence toys, such as: fishing toys, drawing board and brushes, pitching, simple ring, the children cut and paste pictures, blunt scissors, glue, paper folding, voice educational plush toys and so on.

3。 Int: thinking and hands-on ability exercise is beneficial to children, and to promote interest in math, interest in science toys, such as: puzzles, plastic blocks, silly putty, assemble plush toys, calculators, toys, electronic computing robot simulation toys, video games, remote control cars, science, etc.

4。 Topic form toys: kitchen utensils, doctor appliance, parking lot, shops, farms, clock.

4 - What is 6 years old children's educational toys will share the above 4 points. Another small make up remind you: in the process of structural game shall require children to do systematic and structural materials, child care for the structural material, teach children to purposefully selected materials, help children to develop good game habits.

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