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0 - 6 years old baby development educational toys for all ages how to choose and buy?

by:YouRun     2020-11-11

educational toys can stimulate their vision, hearing and touch, strengthen the thirst for knowledge and curiosity, promote the development of children's intelligence. By an interesting toys, it would be possible when children are young and small mind in sow the seeds of innovation, make them on the path of love science from now on. So many of his mother would ask, what kind of educational toys for what age paragraph the baby? Below small make up to 0 6 years old baby development educational toys for all ages how to choose and buy?

1, 0 - 2 months

maybe some parents think that such a small baby don't need any toys, they don't know to play. Studies have shown that even babies also have a strong ability to learn, from the moment of birth, they will use their own unique way to know the world around them. Less than a month's baby, eat sleep after can also actively absorb the information in the surrounding environment.

2, 3 - 4 months

give baby at this age it is important to pay special attention to the safety of toys. Since 3 months, babies can preliminary distinguish all sorts of color, the color, Especially the yellow and red) Interested in it. Give baby colorful toys, baby can promote the development of color vision.

3, 5 - 6 months

baby can make some simple and effective action: sitting at the table, the baby likes to use hand scratching desktop, enough for the toys on the table; The baby likes tearing, would hit toys, shaking and remember different toys have different style and features; Toys, the direction of the baby will go off to see; And both hands can hold two toys at the same time.

4, 7 - Nine months

the action of the baby began to appear interested in sex, will consciously put the small bell ring, can use one hand to take things, will pick up the toy in his hand. Baby's five fingers have division of labor, can cooperate picked up a toy by joining the thumbs and forefingers, can also use the thumb and forefinger picked some tiny things.

this stage is common phenomenon for baby toys too much, too miscellaneous, appear 'excess stimulation', make the baby to full of toys. Studies have shown that excessive toys for baby, can make the baby personality loose, cause baby interest not single-minded, not easy to concentrate. Moderate to darling a few toys, as long as the inspired the baby wants more playing method, stimulate baby's effect is better.

5, 10 - 12 months

the baby with the thumb and forefinger is becoming more and more flexible, able to skillfully knead a small beans; Hand-eye coordination had the very big enhancement, the baby like trying to put the beans into the small bottle; He can open the paper bag toys, get a toy; On a piece of paper with crayons, baby chuo chuo, and 'yes, yes ah ah' let's adult came to see him draw the calligraphy.

6、13 - 24 months of educational toys

development sense perception and cognition of toys: with different color, shape, texture, sound toys.

toys: to promote the development of action can push and pull vehicles, ball games, sandbags, etc.

training hand fine motor toys: thimble, sleeve, building blocks, beads, etc.

promote the language and cognitive ability of toys: animals, transportation, dolls, small household items, books, etc.

training thinking and hands-on ability of toys, play sand, water, assembling, joining together the toys.

7、3 - 6

paints and brushes; Marker; Color book; The number of writing and writing book; Knitting, do card tool; Beads ( Big beads for 3 years old children) 。 / p >

sports toys: potters, bowling and target; Small spring cushion; All kinds of ball; Any move and can stimulate the children run, chasing, can shake, can jump up, jump up the toys.

custom plush toys factory warm prompt: according to the different age paragraph for baby toys can not only arouse the baby in the previous impression of this toy, deepen the baby memory, also can at the same time the baby attention more concentrated, not tired because of long time for the same toy, baby's interest.

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