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0 - 5 years old children's educational toys how to choose?

by:YouRun     2020-11-09

your baby's childhood are need toys company, not only can let the baby play happy, also can satisfy the baby to the unknown curiosity and understanding, from zero to five years old, should be accompanied by a variety of educational toys, educational toys of each age group needs exercise effect is different, the educational toys brand you give 0 - how to share with you 5 years old baby selected children's educational toys.

a: 0 5 years old children's educational toys how to choose?

1:0 - Five months children

in order to promote baby's senses, educational toys we suggest we can see, can listen to, can touch can catch, can bite toys, must choose a clean, green, environmental protection material of toys.

2:6 - 12 months children

well advised to choose a ball, push the ball by hand, let the baby chase, train baby's ability to grasp and crawl. Blocks, not easily torn books, train baby's cognition and ability, still can choose intelligent voice toys.

3:1 - 3 years old children

choose riding a toy can push and pull, exercise child whole motor coordination ability. 3 years old children can drive 'car', children's pedaling, by pedal exercise strength and coordination, preparation for learning to ride a bicycle. Have a story books, role playing, train baby's sense of responsibility. Know all kinds of animals, people, all kinds of USES the function of the car.

0 - 3 years old or so children can choose to preschool education - intelligent toys Calm music bears, let the baby sleep well, mother, no worries. Train baby's curiosity and exploratory, observation ability, imagination and creativity. Children can play by themselves, the liberation of mother's time. Can also stars projection, 13 strokes story, 10 nursery rhyme, 6 music, singing the story master.

4:4 - 5 years old children

you can choose to board, intelligence toys, reasoning, analysis, development thinking exercise ability. Transportation, medical, tools, toys, learning to practice operation ability, and simulated the actual life, cultivate social responsibility. Digital calculations or toys, letter knowledge chart, story books, etc. , through reading exercise cognitive thinking ability.

more than 3 years old children's educational toys can select audio panel bear, ATM bear, educational toys such as building blocks combination bear, intelligence be able bear. Voice in both Chinese and English have many children's music, learning, and read and reread, testing, and other functions, can the accuracy of the baby's action, purpose, and hand-eye coordination, can also train baby fingers grasping ability and enhance their wrist force.

educational toys brands suggest parents according to the child's age to choose a suitable educational toys, but with the child's love is given priority to, as long as it is babies like toys, is a good educational toys. All kinds of cartoon toys, educational toys, electric toys, plush toys, intelligence toys, toys, custom, also offer a variety of games, the Olympic Games, games, World Cup mascot design customization, corporate mascot design custom service, 20 years root toys, cultural industry is the domestic few truly intelligent toy enterprise with independent brand.

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